Completely perched on a mountain, Savoca is a small village near Messina which became famous above all because it was the film set of various scenes from the film “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola: so sit in the famous “Vitelli” bar and relive the whole adrenaline by Michael Corleone while ordering a “granita” and eating it in the backyard.

The village has few inhabitants, it is quiet and there isn’t traffic: take a pleasant walk through its narrow streets, admire the lava stone buildings and churches overlooking the green and lush and surrounding countryside full of olive groves, citrus and almond trees, look at the characteristic local ceramics and finally don’t miss the breathtaking view of the “Gulf of Taormina”.


Taormina is certainly the most “chic” city in all of Sicily and the favorite stop for high-level and niche tourism: perched on a mountain that falls overhanging the sea you will be fascinated by the breathtaking view viewable from the many viewpoints of the city.

Start your visit with a walk through “Corso Umberto”, the main street that crosses all the historic center: elegant buildings, luxury boutiques, jewelers and refined craft shops will show you the high-class style of this small town which is crowded especially in the summer months from visitors from all over the world.

Behind the slightly snobbish side of Taormina you will also find a lot of history in the labyrinth of its streets, from the medieval-style Cathedral to the unmissable “Greek Theater” which undoubtedly rapresents the most famous and representative monument. Finally, don’t miss a coffee or an aperitif at sunset in one of the many cafés of the city: even the less romantic people will be amazed by the magic of the always different colors of which this village is tinged.