Ragusa Ibla
duomo San Giorgio


Ragusa Ibla


also called “Iusu” (lower Ragusa) in dialect, is one of the most famous baroque villages of south-eastern Sicily.

Set in an enchanting valley, we advise you to wander through the narrow streets of Ibla where you will discover the magnificence of ancient Baroque palaces, elegant conversation clubs, teeming squares as well as the majesty of the “Duomo of San Giorgio” that dominates the whole town and the wealth of beyond fifty churches that testify to its great artistic and cultural wealth.

“An island in the island” where you can visit interesting historic neighborhoods crowded today with bars, trattorias and restaurants that will give you a pleasant and well-deserved break: taste the delicacies of the Iblea cuisine, from the “Arancino Montalbano” to the most typical of Iblea dishes “Cavati and ravioli of ricotta with pork sauce”, the famous “Sicilian cannoli” and the delicious homemade ice creams … you will be spoiled for choice!




Modica is one of the most particular late baroque cities of south-eastern Sicily and our travelers prefer it for even rather long stays because it represents a real crossroads of the whole Val di Noto.

Called “The city of 100 churches”, it develops on two areas: “Modica Alta”, characterized by narrow streets, period houses and churches that climb the hills, and “Modica Bassa” whose center of gravity is represented by the main street which is “Corso Umberto”.

The “Castle of the Counts of Modica” and the superb cathedral of “San Giorgio” dominate the city from above and make it a picturesque labyrinth where you can get lost without haste. In fact, you will discover that Modica deserves a in-depth stay visit and that city life, albeit teeming with liveliness, takes place slowly: monuments, historic buildings, theaters and churches are not concentrated only in the old town but scattered throughout the “Shire”, so walk slowly and wander aimlessly, you will discover unique views, breathtaking views and hidden gardens in steep stairs … and if you are a lover of the “Commissario Montalbano” … then you will seem to be walking through the streets of “Vigata “.

So history, art and culture but an excelent gastronomy too that never ends to surprise travellers who visit Modica: famous above all for the “chocolate” exported all over the world, you will be amazed also by the exceptional variety of typical dishes, characteristic desserts (from “mustazzola” to “mpanatigghi”) and street food. You can contact us to book a tour to the chocolate museum or a tasting of wines and typical food in one of the many taverns in the city.


Let’s move away a few kilometers from Modica and let ourselves be fascinated by what is the other unmissable baroque jewel of the Iblea area: Scicli.


The way to get there is so suggestive that you will feel immersed in a multifaceted perfection between different elements: valleys, countryside, ruins and farms are the preamble before the view from above of this amazing town where sumptuous and elegant buildings coexist with hundreds of limestone houses becoming a harmonious landscape.

You will walk through the streets of a compact, refined and elegant historic center, surrounded by aristocratic palaces, extraordinary baroque churches and museums that look out into delightful internal courtyards. Take some time to taste the famous “Teste di Turco” (a huge cream puff stuffed with cream or ricotta with almond and pistachio grains) or an aperitif in one of the many bistros on the “Mormino Penna street” where there is the Town Hall or… if you prefer… the famous “police station” of the fiction “Montalbano”.