One of the most important city of Magna Grecia, visiting Agrigento means first of all diving in the past and immersing yourself in all the splendor of the ancient world which finds its maximum expression in the famous “Valley of the Temples”, an archaeological heritage site UNESCO.

We will take you on a tour where history, art, nature and “white” beaches like the marble of a classic sculpture surround what is an authentic jewel of the Sicilian coast: a hill that leans slowly towards the sea where you will struggle to hold back the emotion.

If you decide to start your tour from the “Valley of the Temples” we recommend the historic center of Agrigento as a next stop: cross “via Atenea”, the main street of the city from which narrow uphill alleys wind flanked by refined stately buildings and important historical churches. Breathe the Arab-Norman architecture, follow “the road of writers” in search of Pirandello, Sciascia and Camilleri, have a coffee or a delicious “Sicilian cassata” in one of the many bars that crowd the city, admire the sunset while the buildings around are tinged with reddish and golden yellow hues.

Finally, don’t miss the culinary arts of Agrigento, the result of the coexistence of the sea and the mountains and an authentic masterpiece of the different influences that our island has had: whether for a lunch or a dinner, take some time to taste Le sarde a beccafico con pinoli e mollica” (sardinian with pine nuts and crumb), “Chiappe (sun-dried tomatoes)”, “Pesto all’agrigentina”, the grilled fresh fish and for more daring people the “Roba cotta” (entrails of lamb, pork and veal boiled and seasoned with lemon). And if you don’t have yet completely satisfied your palate we recommend you make a further stop in the town of Licata which is only 46 km from Agrigento: there we can organize a customized tour for you to discover the best wine cellars and the precious olive oil which is exported all over the world.