Siracusa is certainly the city of south-eastern Sicily which more than others summarizes the beauties of this island: sea, baroque and all the splendor of ancient times are the frame of this enchanting land.

We advise you to start your visit from the historic center, the island of “Ortigia”, connected to the mainland by the “Umbertino and Santa Lucia bridge’s”: you can admire elegant noble buildings, period balconies, art galleries, museums ( don’t miss to visit the “Aretuseo dei Pupi Museum”), churches and religious monuments hidden within the high walls of the city and finally get lost in the picturesque labyrinth of narrow streets that offer extraordinary views of the turquoise sea round.

Then head to “Piazza del Duomo”, among the most spectacular in all of Sicily and don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in the liveliness of the many bars, bistros and trattorias animated by citizens and tourists to enjoy the inimitable culinary delicacies of the city: Syracuse is famous above all for its fish dishes and for the unmissable cold cuts and cheeses.

Don’t miss a visit to the “Archaeological Park of Neapolis”, the true flagship of this area which collects the magnificent architectural testimonies of Greek-Roman Syracuse: “the Roman amphitheater”, “the Greek theater” and “the Orecchio di Dionisio ”are just some of the most famous testimonies that will make you live the historical, artistic and cultural wealth of these ancient civilizations.