Foods to try in Sicily

Like the different regions of neighbouring Italy, the balmy Mediterranean island of Sicily has a distinct cuisine that’s steeped in history. Take a trip to a market and alongside staples like capers, tomatoes, olives and aubergines, all the ingredients will be home-grown, as although Sicilians export their delicious produce, they shun imports, so diet is a true representation of the terrain. The poor infrastructure means food doesn’t travel far either, so people really do eat locally.
Thanks to influxes of different nationalities over many centuries, Sicilian food is a real mixed bag – a fusion cuisine that’s influenced by French, Arabic and North African settlers. The island also has a varied landscape. The city of Catania is on the volcanic side, where it’s difficult to grow as many fresh ingredients and food is heavily influenced by neighbouring Greece. On the side of Palermo, there’s a big Arab influence and couscous is served in lots of restaurants.


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